Unicorn Premium Sex Machine


  • Corded remote or app-controlled options
  • 1200 RPM motor
  • Holds up to 400 lbs
  • Includes two fantasy attachments and floor mat
  • Detachable rainbow 19.5” tail flogge

Product Details

Material: Vegan Leather / Silicone
Color: White
Power Source: Wall Adapter
Intensity: 5/5
Volume: 5/5
Warranty: 1 Year


After galloping through a magical rainbow, our Cowgirl morphed info a beautiful Unicorn and is ready to take you on a ride to the skies!

This Limited Edition Premium sex machine is a new design on the classic Cowgirl. Featuring 2 fun fantasy attachments, riders saddle up for a ride into euphoria with penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation. They can crank up the power with a corded LED remote and bring some color to their playtime with a detachable rainbow tail flogger. Plus, with 400lbs weight capacity, the unicorn is the perfect adventure companion for solo or partner rides.

What’s Included:
Premium Riding Sex Machine
2x Silicone attachments
Detachable 19.5′ flogger
Corded LED remote
Floor mat
Global adaptor
User manual


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